The organic olive oil is extracted of the olive (It swells European) cultivated following the strict requirements of organic agriculture. The composition of the olive at the moment of the harvesting is very variable, depending on the variety of olives, the ground, the climate and the culture. Approximately the olive contains, at the moment of the harvesting: · oil: 18-32% · water: 40-55% · vegetal bone and weaves: 23-35%. All the varieties of olives produce excellent organic olive oil as long as the olives are healthy, have been cultivated under the requirements of organic agriculture, they molturen the same day of the harvesting and the oil is stored of appropriate form. In Spain, the Arabs influenced in the diffusion of the culture and definitively seated the Castilian words of olive, oil or acebuche; for example, the Spanish word "oil" comes from the Arab "al-zait" that means "olive juice". The organic olive oil is obtained in an authorized oil mill to elaborate organic oil and must come from olives cultivated.

Elaboration of organic olive oil.

In order to obtain an organic olive oil of quality it is essential to collect the fruit at optimal moment of maturation. This it is the envero, most of the olives are changing the color, very few are green and some already she is mature. They are collected by hand or with rakes (scrapers). It is not necessary to damage the olive and it is necessary to take it soon to the oil mill so that they do not spoil. In the oil mill it is cleaned, it is washed and one classifies the olive according to quality and variety. With mechanical crushing machines re breaks vegetal weaves to be able to release the organic olive oil. Extra virgin organic Olive oil: it is obtained crushing the olives until obtaining a paste or cake, applying pressure in cold to express the oil.

Types of organic olive oil.

Refined: It is of pale color, its acidity does not arrive at 0,2º reason why as soon as it tastes and it contains very few vitamins, fitosteroles and substances responsible for aroma. Pure olive oil or of olive: it is a mixture of the one of virgin olive and refined olive oil. Its acidity does not have to surpass 1º. It is the oil commonest in the market. Oil of orujo of olive: the remainder that reduces next to the solid remainders of the once separated olive the first pressed oil by in cold is the one of worse quality and needs to be refined until its Maxima acidity arrives at 0,3º. Within the different types from olive oil, the virgin and the pure one of olive or olive, are richest in vitamin E (of antirust action) and fitosteroles (substances that contributes to reduce the cholesterol levels in blood). All the oils emphasize by the high monoinsaturadas fat content, oléico acid coverall. Among them, the organic olive oil emphasizes in special being free of chemical substances, since the olive tree stands until of it grinds the olive.

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